Assignment Overview: Early Cold War Events


Following World War Two the nations of the world hoped for extended peace. However, peace became very uncertain as the Cold War gripped the world. The Russians and the Americans, now both superpowers, lined up on opposing sides and sought to create a system of alliances for dominance in the world. The Cold War would carry on for nearly 50 years and several times the world was brought to the brink of nuclear war. This assignment will help you better understand what it was truly like to live during this uncertain period of world history.


  • NATO and the Warsaw Pact
  • The Race to Space
  • The Czechoslovakian Uprising of 1968
  • The Policy of Containment
  • The Espionage Game
  • Solidarity Movement in Poland
  • The Development of Nuclear Warfare
  • The Hungarian Revolution of 1956
  • The Cold War and Sports
  • Vietnam
  • Civil Preparation for Nuclear War
  • Russian Premiers of the Cold War

Assignment Requirements:

  • In-depth description of the event or term
  • Highlight the significant individuals involved
  • Provide a basic timeline of events
  • How did this influence the Cold War itself? (Eg. Heighten tension? Reduce Tension?)
  • What was it like to live through this event? What sort of emotions did people feel? (eg. The end of the world is near) If possible interview someone who lived during the time of this event.
  • Visual elements: one primary video clip of the event (eg. news broadcast), pictures,
  • Make sure that your page has a high level of creativity in design. Avoid including too much text, but instead arrange it so that it is very readable for the viewer. The ultimate objective is that other classmates will learn more about the event from your work.